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MelbPC Head Office

in Warrigul Road

The Proposed Agenda for Friday 23rd November 2012 is:

9.30 to 10.30
"The Imaging Group", is run by Ian Bock
(merges the Graphics & Printing and the Digital Imaging Sub Groups).

10.30 to 10.45
Morning Tea - 15 minutes for members to socialise (swap CD's etc !!!).

10.45 to 10.50
"Introduction" by Convener Ken Thomas.

10.50 to 11.10
"Answers to Computer Hardware and Software Problems" with 'Doctor' Graham Ackland.

11.10 to 11.55
Ken Thomas will be showing something on Demos of tutorials programs on the monthly disc

11.55 Approx
Meeting closure with any questions, thanks to presenters and details of next meeting.

Midday     Finish on the dot.

12:00 to 13:00
The Windows Group, run by Henk Visscher, is in Meeting Room 3 which you get to, after leaving the main meeting room, by turning right where you would normally turn left to get to the lift.

Ken is still desperately short of presentations by members of the group for this years meetings, if he dosen't get more support, the future of the Ripper group is questionable.

Our meetings rely on input from members, so this is a request for anyone who has any ideas for a twenty or forty minute presentation to contact him.    ( Ken can be contacted on (03) 9884 5309 or by e-mail at
Even if it is only a possibility, or a vague idea at this stage please discuss it with Ken as it may be possible to do it as an adjunct to someone elses or as an introduction to another presentation.
The subject matter list is inexhaustable, but to start you thinking some of the things that could be covered are:

  1. Utiliities which have been found useful.

    1. Document management    How do you find that letter you wrote last yeat to whoever?

    2. Image managemnent.    How do you find that photo you had of Aunt Maude you took 5 years ago because the family want it for the "Celebration of her Life" next week?

    3. Hard drive and partition managment.    How easy is it to find anything and everything on your computer's harddisk?

    4. Application management    If an application on your computer gives you a 'cannot find ***.dll' or a 'file corrupt' message, how do you know where to look?

  2. Small programs or parts of programs that perform a useful function particularly well.

    1. Such as all those image maninipulation functions which form part of the larger applications.
      How about a comparison of differnet programs doing just the one useful thing.

    2. Do you use macros to perform some useful function(s).     In Word, Excel etc.    If you do why not share them.

    3. Games.    What games do you play and why?     What do you like about a particular gams?

    4. What I use the Internet for.    The sites visited regularly.

    Additions to this list are welcomed.

Webmaster Don Osborn, ably assisted by Malcolm Smith. Both can be contacted through here.

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