Links to Instructions for Configuring News Clients to Access Melb PC Newsgroups

This page links to instructions to configure Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail to read and post to Melb PC newsgroups.

All you require is a Melb PC Internet account (full or associate) and an Internet connection (need not be Melb PC dial-up). If you're a Melb PC member but don't have a Melb PC Internet account then apply for a free Associate Internet account. The form can be downloaded here.

To configure Thunderbird on MS Windows. There are minor variations on Linux and OS X.

To configure Windows Mail

To configure Windows Live Mail

To configure Outlook Express

Configuration details for additional news clients will be added shortly.

Basic configuration details

1. Server name:

2. Melb PC rules require use of your real name. This is quite safe as the newsgroups can only be accessed by other members.

3. A vaild e-mail address (need not be a Melb PC one).

4. Melb PC username and password if not using Melb PC dial-up.

If you require any assistance with accessing Melb PC newsgroups please contact us at